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Illuminating the global OER community with data

Javiera Atenas - January 29, 2018 in communication, data, featured, guestpost, oer, world

This is the first post of a serie of notes shared by the members of the Open Education Working Group Advisory Board. In this post, Jan Neumann (@trugwaldsaenger ‏) shares the latest news of the OER World Map project

OpenCon Santiago 2017: No more streaks in the water

Javiera Atenas - January 4, 2018 in data, events, featured, guestpost, oer, world

Guest post by Ricardo Hartley @ametodico and Carolina Gainza @cgainza

When organizing any event, questions always arise; Will enough people come? Do those who have positions to make the changes come? Will come those who should have interest …

How students can help EU policies work better thanks to open data and civic technology

Javiera Atenas - November 30, 2016 in data, featured, guestpost, oer

Post written by Luigi Reggi 

Three small but important steps toward a more participatory EU policy were made in the last few weeks between Brussels and Rome, Italy. They are three episodes of a series of productive encounters between students

DataLabe: Empowering young leaders from vulnerable communities with Open Data and Civic Tech

Javiera Atenas - November 3, 2016 in data, featured, oer, world

Blogpost In partnership withscreen-shot-2016-11-03-at-14-23-25

The DataLabe is a project that aims to empower young leaders from vulnerable communities with data skills and civic hacking through technology, open data, processes of political engagement, social mobilization and citizen journalism to ensure they

Open Education in South African Higher Education

Javiera Atenas - November 3, 2016 in data, featured, oer, world

This post, written by Glenda Cox showcases an insightful perspective of the Open Education situation in the South African Higher Education System

As I write this piece in late 2016 Higher Education in South Africa is in crisis with the …

Open Data as Educational Resources: The Case of Medical Education.

Javiera Atenas - September 20, 2016 in data, featured, oer

Medicine and healthcare professions education have widely embraced the use of educational technologies and the Department of Health’s technology enhanced learning framework encourages the use of technology where it can enhance learning and support key objectives relating to improving patients’ …

A Scuola di OpenCoesione: Using Open Data in schools for the development of civic awareness

guestauthor - March 15, 2016 in data, featured, guestpost, mooc, OEP, oer, Open Educational Resources

A Scuola di OpenCoesione ( ASOC), from Italian, translates as Open Cohesion School. It can be understood as an educational challenge and a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) designed for students in Italian secondary schools. ASOC was launched in …

Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice

Javiera Atenas - November 4, 2015 in communication, data, featured, handbook, oer


Javiera Atenas and Leo Havemann



This post marks the official publication of the volume: Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice.

The process of developing this book was a learning experience for …

Education data sets in the Global Open Data Index?

Marieke Guy - June 25, 2015 in data, featured

The Open Data census systematically tracks the state of open data around the world and publishes them in the Global Open Data Index. For the last 3 years the GODI has looked at 10 data sets for each country

Share Experiences of Open Data as OER

Javiera Atenas - June 16, 2015 in data, featured, oer

We are inviting individuals and teams to submit case studies describing experiences in the use of open data as open educational resources. Proposals are open to everyone who would like to promote good practices in pedagogical uses of open data …