What is the Open Education Working Group?

The Open Education Working Group from Open Knowledge International brings people together to promote Open Educational Practices and Open Educational Resources, as well as Open Policies,  Open Science and Open Data in education.

The Open Education Working Group is an international community of educators, researchers, students, policy makers and advocates that promotes, fosters, supports and collaborates with projects and initiatives related to the advancement of Open Education in different fields. The group is coordinated by Paul Bacsich, Annalisa Manca and Javiera Atenas who are supported by an Advisory Board of high-profile Open Education advocates and experts. Paul is a professor with extensive experience of working in educational policy and open education, Annalisa is an expert in critical pedagogy and educational technologies currently completing her PhD in Medical Education, and Javiera is an academic with a PhD in Education, whose research is based in the field Open Data and Media Literacies.

Communication Channels

Open Education Working Group has a number of communication channels:

  1. The Open Education Working Group blog
  2. The Open Education Working Group public mailing list where news items, newsletters and public discussion takes place
  3. The Open Education Working Group Twitter handle
  4. The Open Education Online Forum


Broadly speaking the Open Education Working Group is made up of :

  1.  An Open Community, where anyone can join us and participate in our projects and to suggest projects. The members of our community support us by writing posts of our blog, engaging in the online discussions, contributing the the mailing list, and participating in events and webinars organised or promoted by us. We consider that the Working Group members are the key champions of the initiative and they focus on concrete actions that help to generate more openness within the domain.
  2. Members from fellow Open Education organisations that have established partnerships with us towards fostering and supporting their activities such as their projects, research, events and conferences.
  3. An Advisory Board which contains high-profile Open Education advocates who are experts in the field. The Advisory Board provides thought leadership about the direction of the working group and help to raise the profile of the working group by talking about the group and their work at conferences and events.

How is membership to the Working Group defined?

Members of the Open Education Working Group Working Group are individuals who volunteer time to champion about Open Data, Open Science, Open Policies and Open Practices in the Open Education field.

Open Education Working Group Members are encouraged to:

  • Contribute actively to the Open Education Working Group public discussion list and Open Education Working Group Members list
  • Present open education and when relevant to the Open Education Working Group at relevant events
  • Advocate for Open Education within local institutions and encourage/help them to open their data and resources.
  • Provide support and capacity building in Open Education in their local communities.

How can one become an Open Education Working Group Member?

  • You can become a member just by subscribing to our mailing list, or by introducing yourself in the forum.
  • You can contact us via @okfnedu  or by e-mail  if you wan to organise an Open Education activity at your institution or country and want to write a blogpost about it.
  • You can become a volunteer and help us running some projects and events
  • Also, you can become an Open Education Ambassador for your country, in order to do so, please get in contact with us at @okfnedu  or by e-mail and tell us why do you want to represent your country and become an ambassador.

Becoming a volunteer

Volunteer members of working groups are often busy people happy to further openness in their field but often limited in the time they can realistically give. As such, we advise members to collectively decide on roles and activities individual members are responsible for:

  • Organising working group meetings and events
  • Planning Working Group Events
  • Documenting events and updates from the working group
  • Coordinating specific projects or documents
  • Collecting and or writing blogposts
  • Designing publicity materials and logos etc.

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