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Smörgåsbord Dishes: Badges, data and roleplaying

- July 9, 2014 in featured, okfest, okfest2014

Just a week to go till our Open Education Working Group Open Education Smörgåsbord session [Wednesday, July 16 from 14:00 – 16:00] at OKFestival in Berlin.

We’ve outlined the session already on the blog but have a few more details to share about 2 of the tables – the session will comprise of 5 tables in total.

Table 3: Open data in Education

BadgeOn table 3 Tom Salmon, teacher and open development researcher (@Fishytom) will be focusing on:

  • Using Data in Education
  • Metadata and Open Education Resources
  • Government Data for Education
  • Leveraging Open Badges in Education
  • Mobile Learning with Open Data

He’s explained these areas in more detail in a great post on his The Hum of Dewey Digital blog. Tom will also be awarding 8 different open badges which will recognise attendees participation and exploration of each of the areas.

Table 4: Open Education Handbook

materialsOn table 4 I will facilitating an Open Education Handbook role playing activity. By taking on roles we will be able to think about open education from different perspectives and evaluate the coverage of the handbook. We will also be thinking about the future of the handbook and how it can be embedded in the community.

The resources from the session are available as a PDF.

We will hear more about the other tables in due course and make sure we share all our learnings from the day.

We have a session etherpad so please do take a look, add your name and ideas if you’d like to be involved!

If you want to join in the fun on the day then get yourself to OKFestival! Tickets are still on sale!

Open Education comes to OKFestival

- May 23, 2014 in communication, featured, okfest, okfest2014, okfestival

This year’s OKFestival is taking place in Berlin at the Kulturbrauerei from 15th – 17th July. The programme is now online and there’s lots of Open Education stuff to get excited about!


The Open Education Working Group have pulled together a session called Open Education Smörgåsbord led by Marieke Guy, Alek Tarkowski, Tom Salmon, Kristina Anderson, Miska Knapek, Darya Tarasowa and Irina Radchenko.

Open Education is about breaking down barriers to learning. This may be through changing teaching practice, shifting policy, releasing data or sharing resources. In the Open Education Smörgåsbord we want to get people interacting, collaborating, sharing, making and ultimately learning about what the future of education could be. This interactive workshop session will Involve five ‘table’ leaders who will introduce themselves, their projects and explain the activity they will be facilitating. The tables are: The Open Teacher Kit, OER Policy made crystal clear, Mobile use of open data for education, Make an Open Education Handbook Q&A and open courseware collaboration with Slidewiki. Attendees can join any of the 5 maker tables and make and learn!

Creative Commons will be leading a session on Open Educational Resources and Policy: Overview and Connections to Others.

There are also sessions on open data, open science, open access, open coalition, open development and openness of other flavours!! Here’s a few potentials:

  • How to Teach Open Data – Milena Marin (Open Knowledge School of Data) & more
  • Low-Tech Data: Story-Finding and Storytelling – Rahul Bhargava (MIT Center for Civic Media), Gabi Sobliye (Tactical Technology Collective)
  • Maintaining a healthy and thriving Public Domain – exploring the notion of originality and copyright when digitising analogue works – Joris Pekel (Europeana), Paul Keller (Kennisland), Lieke Ploeger (Open Knowledge Foundation), Thomas Margoni (University of Amsterdam) & OpenGLAM Open Knowledge Working Group
  • Open licenses for a free press – Hauke Gierow (Reporter ohne Grenzen)
    Open Movements – Alek Tarkowski (Centrum Cyfrowe), Nicole Allen (SPARC), Delia Browne (P2PU), Melissa Hagemann (OSF)
  • Openness Divide? — How Openness Can Help the Unfinished Arab Spring – Salwa AbdelTawab (Al-Jazeera), Bilal Randeree, Rawan Damen
  • Building the open coalition – developing a wider community of open – Stevie Benton (Wikimedia UK), Bekka Kahn (P2PU)
  • Opening up ‘open’: how do we strengthen the base of people who care about open? – Elliott Bledsoe
  • Tracking development in the open – Mark Brough, Shreya Basu (Publish What You Fund)
  • Skills and tools for web native open science – Kaitlin Thaney (Mozilla Science Lab), Karthik Ram (rOpenSci)

OKFestival are also encouraging people to plan and run fringe events which will complement the Festival, both before and after the official programming, so potentially even more exciting stuff.

Early bird tickets are on sale now at a cost of only €120 – hope to see you there!