Open Science Conference 2017: a Webinar with Lorna Campbell & Guido Scherp

What do Open Science and Open Education have in common? Why is it important to speak about Open Education and Open Science? What do us Open Educators need to learn from Open Scientists and vice versa? Do we need to blur the barriers and boundaries that tend to separate these areas of openness, how and why?

To answer all these questions, and many more, the Open Education Working Group is pleased to host a Webinar with Guido Scherp, coordinator of the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0.

Guido will kindly answer some questions on the highlights and outcomes of the International Open Science Conference 2017, which had a special focus on OER.

We will also have a very welcomed contribution from Lorna Campbell, who was an invited speaker at the conference and presented on Crossing the Field Boundaries: Open Science, Open Data & Open Education.


See below the Webinar recording.

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