Support the Petition for a Mediterranean Erasmus Generation & the Manifesto for a new Mediterranean of knowledge

January 8, 2018 in communication, developing-world, featured
Dear Open Education Fellows

UNIMED has launched its Petition for a Mediterranean Erasmus Generation. Your support, both as individuals and as institutions, is of crucial importance.

The Petition, which you can read and endorsed here, is aimed at increasing the mobility of students and university staff  in the Euro-Mediterranean region by strengthening the International Credit Mobility dimension of the Erasmus+ Programme, supporting South-South mobility, reinforcing Capacity Building and supporting the integration of refugee students and academics.

UNIMED would like to invite you to sign the Petition, both as individuals and, when possible, as institutions and, if you are interested, to disseminate it among your contacts

The European Commission is in the process of preparing the new Erasmus Programme for the 2021-2027 period . The result of the petition could be very important to invite the policy makers to pay more attention to Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and instruments.

On the 4th of December, UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union launched its Petition for a Mediterranean Generation and its Manifesto for a new Mediterranean of knowledge. By signing the Petition, you will support UNIMED in asking the European Commission for measures aimed at: strengthening mobility between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, including South-South mobility, reinforcing Capacity Building and supporting the integration of refugee students and academics. The Manifesto, in turn, calls for giving Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts a more important role in the Euro-Mediterranean Education and Research cooperation programmes in order to foster the sustainable development of the Mediterranean basin through, among other things, strengthening dialogue with Southern Mediterranean countries.

To read and sign the Petition, click here.

To read the full Manifesto and to endorse it, click here.

The objective is to present the signed petition during the “UNIMED WEEK in Brussels”, which will be held from the 10 to the 12 of April 2018.

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