Open Education Timelines – Just like Buses!

April 29, 2015 in featured, timeline

In the UK we have a saying about buses: “You wait ages for one and then three turn up at once.” It’s an idea that can be applied to many of life’s matters! So take a timeline about Open Education….the Open Education Working Group created one last year, and at the time I struggled to find any comparables. Now quite a few have surfaced! It felt only right to share them here:


To finish I’d like to mention a fantastic tool that could be useful for anyone wanting to create a timeline of anything. Histropedia builds on existing information on Wikipedia through Wikidata, a Wikimedia project creating a structured database to support Wikipedia and its sister projects. They use an advanced filter and query system that allow the creation of custom timelines to be created in seconds.


If you know of anymore timelines do suggest them in the comments!

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