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June 5, 2014 in communication, okfest, okfest2014

The OKFestival programme is now live! The Open Education Working Group have an exciting workshop session lined up for any one keen to participate in, or to find out more about open education: Open Education Smörgåsbord. The plan is to allow people to sample our smörgåsbord and get people interacting, collaborating, sharing, making and ultimately learning about what the future of education could be. We plan to make some OERs along the way and may even have nibbles to tempt you with! Our workshop will be running on Wednesday, July 16 from 14:00 – 16:00.


We have a session etherpad so please do take a look, add your name if you’d like to be involved and add your ideas!

At the moment we have 5 tables planed though things could change and we may even end up with more.

  • Table 1: Miska, Kristina and Irina: The open Teacher kit. On this table we will be making a best practice plan for openess can help teachers with ideas around how sharing and reuse can become a normal part of education.
  • Table 2: Alek: OER policy made crystal clear. On this table we will be creating an infographic explaining the basic policy model for implementing OER.
  • Table 3: Tom: Make mobile use of open data for education. On this table we will be making a plan for how mobiles can make better use of open data for education.
  • Table 4: Marieke: Make an Open Education Handbook Q&A – On this table we will be looking at the questions that open education throws us and thinking about how we can answer them. So for example “How is open data shaping the way teaching practices or activities of learning are perceived?” “What affect does open education have on education?” “How can OERs help the developing world?” “Are MOOCs open washing open education?”.
  • Table 5: Darya: SlideWiki Starter Session: On this table we will trying out Slidewiki and seeing how open courseware tools can be used by educators.

The tables will be facilitated by

  • Kristina Anderson – Kristina works for CC Sweden. @kalexanderson
  • Marieke Guy – Marieke is the Open Education Working Group Co-ordinator. @mariekeguy
  • Miska Knapek – Miska is an information experience designer from Denmark involved with OKF-Finland, working with making new (open) knowledge building cultures, and visual tools for the same. @miskaknapek
  • Irina Radchenko – Irina is an Associate Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. @iradche
  • Tom Salmon – Tom is a teacher and open development researcher. @Fishytom
  • Darya Tarasowa – Darya is a developer and | maintainer of SlideWiki.org platform for collaborative authoring of | OpenCourseWare. @SlideWiki
  • Alek Tarkowski – Alek is the director of Centrum Cyfrowe, Polish NGO focusing on open issues and Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland and European Policy Fellow with Creative Commons. A @atarkowski

If you want to join in the fun then get yourself to OKFestival! Tickets are still on sale!


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  2. Marieke Guy says:

    Alek Tarkowski has written a short blogpost with information about activities on table 2 – please come and work with him on an infographic about benefits of OER policies.

    He’d also like to invite you to a session dedicated to OER policies, which will take place before the Smorgasbord, at noon.


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