7th Open Education Working Group Call: Open Data as Open Educational Resources

May 18, 2015 in calls, data, featured, oer

Our seventh Open Education Working Group Call will take place on Thursday 4th June at 1pm BST / 2pm CEST (note that this is a change to the previously advertised date). Call links:

The call will focus on the theme of Open Data as Open Educational Resources and will feature 3 guest speakers:

  • Leo Havemann: Birkbeck, University of London
  • Javiera Atenas: University College London
  • William Hammonds: Universities UK

There will be time to ask questions and to discuss how the topic could fit in to future plans for the group.

Theme outline

dataeThe scientific community agrees that open data is an invaluable to support researchers and scientist as it encourages transparent research practices but also, the use of open data as open educational resources can become an invaluable asset in academia, as by using these datasets in research centered curriculum or in scenario based learning activities students can improve their subject knowledge and research skills.

For us using real data from research projects enable a series of opportunities for students to collaborate with researchers across disciplines applying quantitative and qualitative methods, so they can understand good practices in data retrieval, collection and analysis, and that these research based activities can facilitate instances for independent research, teamwork and critical digital and data analysis skills.

The aim of this webinar is to identify academic practices and activities in the use of open data and to gather and discuss ideas that can be applied in HE, aiming to help students to develop a variety of skills, including data literacy, research methods, problem solving and citizenship skills. We are particularly interested in examples of where university research and data has been used as we we would like identify good practices for the use of open data in the arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering and physical sciences and biological and clinical sciences.

See the blog post on The 21st Century’s Raw Material: Using Open Data as Open Educational Resources for further details.

Call Information

During the meeting we will be using an Etherpad for the agenda and notes. Please feel free to add your name and items to the agenda. Also add any questions you have for the speakers.

The minutes from the last meeting are available online.

Once again we are planning to hold the meeting in Google hangouts but would really appreciate your Skype addresses in case we have any problems. There is an upper limit of 15 people for Google Hangouts but we will attempting to transmit in Google Hangouts on Air too – Open Knowledge are currently investigating other approaches. Please check out the hangouts spec in advance.

Hope to see you there! Sign up if you’d like a reminder!

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