Open data Ireland Meetup

January 21, 2014 in data, handbook

This Thursday (6:30pm 23rd January 2014) Open Data Ireland will be running their 12th community meet-up at the University College Cork. Their meet-ups bring together people who are passionate about sharing, learning, using and progressing Open Data in Ireland.


This particular meetup will focus on open education and involve preparation for a booksprint to take place on International Open Data Hackathon, Saturday, 22nd February. You can sign up online to participate in the booksprint, which will take place in Dublin. The topic of the book has yet to be decided but is likely to a resource specifically aimed at children and for use by educators to aid teaching of computing. It is anticipated that this resource will be passed on to all teachers in Ireland to support the current curriculum.

Through the powers of technology (Google hangouts) the Open Education Working Group will be represented at the meet-up virtually!

Other speakers include Joonas Mäkinen ‪Science and culture enthusiast and human rights activist

Topics include:

  • Open Educational Resources, teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium that reside in the public domain.
  • Booksprint: Guidebook for Computing (Primary) and Computer Science (Secondary) Handbook
  • Continuing Booksprint on the Open Knowledge Foundation Open Education Handbook
  • Overview of a group of Finnish teachers authored an open maths textbook in a weekend
  • Updating and Ireland’s Open Data repository CKAN (
  • Junior Cert reform and opportunities for Booksprint deliverables can get NCCA approval and reform Ireland’s secondary education system.

If you are interested in attending the meet-up you can register on the meetup page. See you there!

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