Making it Matter: Supporting education in the developing world through open and linked data

April 8, 2014 in data, developing-world, events, featured

The Open Education Working Group would like to invite you to a free one-day workshop entitled Making it Matter: Supporting education in the developing world through open and linked data. The workshop will be jointly hosted by the LinkedUp Project and the Commonwealth of Learning and held in Bloomsbury Suite B at Friends House in London, UK on Friday 16th May, 2014.

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Full details are provided on the workshop page.

The aim for the day is to bring together software developers, educators and individuals from the development community to see how they can work together by using open and linked data to support education in the developing world.

The day will have two main activities:

  • Firstly there will be focused discussion around real-world requirements in the developing world that could be aided through the releasing of data and/or the building of relevant applications and prototypes. This discussion will feed in to requirements for a focused track for LinkedUp Vici Competition that looks for educational applications that target developing countries, addressing context-specific problems, issues and needs, being technical, societal or environmental.
  • Secondly there will be the opportunity to look at tools developed through the LinkedUp Challenge (the Veni and Vidi Competitions) and see how they could be used in the developing world. Feedback from the session could lead to the opportunity for some of the LinkedUp Challenge tools being enrolled to a larger user base at one of the Commonwealth of Learning’s related organisations.

The day will also be a ‘first-step’ in bringing together communities interested in the technical issues related to open data and education in the developing world. There will be break-out sessions and plenty of opportunities to explore what the next steps would be in working together.

If you are interested in attending then register on the EventBrite form (embedded on the Workshop page).

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