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Open Education Working Group

Open Education is often associated with the popular concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) – freely accessible, openly licensed resources that are used for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes. But Open Education is much more than just OER and involves aspects like opening up relevant educational data and changing both institutional and wider culture.

The Open Education Working Group has been established to bring together people and groups interested in open education. Its goal is to initiate global cross-sector and cross-domain activity that encompasses the various facets of open education.

We want to get people talking and projects started!

If you would like to be involved in future activities or hear about our plans we welcome you to join our mailing list today.

The group works under the following charter.

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Open Education Kyrgyzstan

Our next Open Education Around the World post comes from Kyrgyzstan (Кыргызстан, or the Kyrgyz Republic), a landlocked and mountainous country in Central Asia. The post has been written by Gulzada Urgunalieva, a Project Coordinator at the Roza Otunbayeva International Public Foundation (IPF) and Open Education Coalition coordinator. The IPF was founded in 2012 by […]

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7th Open Education Working Group Call: Open Data as Open Educational Resources

Our seventh Open Education Working Group Call will take place on Thursday 4th June at 1pm BST / 2pm CEST (note that this is a change to the previously advertised date). Call links will be posted on the day. The call will focus on the theme of Open Data as Open Educational Resources and will […]

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Share your Open Education Story

We’ve been running our Open Education Around the World series since September 2013 and are incredibly proud of the stories we’ve collected and the authors who have written them. However it’s time to fill in some of the gaps! We’ve created an infographic to help you see what we have so far: 20 stories, 18 […]

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Open Education Timelines – Just like Buses!

In the UK we have a saying about buses: “You wait ages for one and then three turn up at once.” It’s an idea that can be applied to many of life’s matters! So take a timeline about Open Education….the Open Education Working Group created one last year, and at the time I struggled to […]

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